Nevada Approves 1st Internet Gaming Licenses in U.S.

The Nevada Gaming Commission overwhelmingly approved the First 2 Internet Gaming Licenses here in the United States, on Thursday June 21, 2012

Does this mean there will be Internet Poker up and running soon?

No! There will still be a wait,

The Internet Software Platforms still need to be tested thoroughly and approved by the Gaming Commission.

This testing is to insure:

Actual player locations, player identification and age conformations, RNG reliability, player confidentially and the many other stipulations listed in the actual Gaming Regulations.

Not to mention the Gaming sites still must be established,

The site owners and operators still need to be approved by the Gaming Commission.

The first two actual licensees, Bally Technologies and International Gaming Technologies are only the providers of the actual gaming platforms, not the actual site owners and operators.

The original estimates last year when this whole process began,  when the actual play would begin were early 2013.

It now looks like it could be sooner rather than later.

The State of Nevada has never been one to hesitate or delay actions when introducing or approving new games.

Let the Countdown begin,

Our Guess is that Jan 1, 2013 will the official launch of the First Operating,  Legal, Real Money, Internet Poker Room for Nevada Residents!

When this does happen, it will be the Best News any Internet Poker Player could hear, The stage will be set, the REAL competition will begin.

This News will have a very positive effect on the many states considering On-line Poker and we honestly believe, as soon as Nevada is rolling along (and enjoying the Revenue), every other State will want to hop on the same Bus for the ride!

The dominoes will start falling neatly into rows and there will be several States offering Internet Poker, linking (like the Power Ball format) together and creating Player pools no individual State could dream of!

Life will be good for all Poker Players in the United States, as  internet gaming will finally reach the 21st century HERE IN THE USA!

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