Breaking News: Intertops stops taking U.S. Players

The Intertops Poker Room has stopped taking any new U.S. Sign-ups!

In what has been described a Merge Network type move, just like last June 1, 2011 when all Merge Rooms temporarily stopped accepting U.S. Players.

The Intertops Poker Room has announced Today,  that it will no longer accept any New Players from the United States

No further details have been provided, however it would seem to be some sort of preemptive move,  perhaps to set the groundwork for the expansion of the Revolution Network, or it could be a lay low type of move—to prevent any Legal action from the U.S. Dept of Justice.

We found this explanation on-line:

From the 2+2 Forum

Sorry for not getting on here earlier but it has been a busy 24 hours! Yes it is true that we have stopped taking new US registrations.

Why? To be very direct and short because we have players, affiliates, employees and a company to think of.

Best regards,

The Intertops Poker Team

This is on the Intertops web-site:

Existing U.S. Players have been Grandfathered in, and can continue to play on Intertops.

Players from all other countries are still welcome,  including the UK, Germany and many others

In other Intertops Poker News,

The Sunday Guarantees this week end now have a little added incentive,

There will be a $1,000 bounty on the latest recruit to the Revolution Network Pro Team, Felipe Mojave, in both tournaments. Thus you not only have the chance of winning the money from the prize-pool, but you can also earn $1,000 for eliminating a Poker Pro.

$100k GTD – Felipe Mojave Bounty Edition
When: Sundays at 8:00 PM (GMT) 4:00 PM (ET) Buy-In: $100 ($9)

$65k GTD Super Stack Felipe Mojave Bounty Edition
When: Sundays at 9:00 PM (GMT) 5:00 PM (ET) Buy-In: $500 ($30)

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