Legal U.S. On-line Poker Options

Yes, there are Options to Play Poker On-line in  the U.S.A..

Many U.S.  residents have what many believe,  is a problem playing Poker on-line.

Even States like Michigan,  Indiana,  Mississippi,  Missouri,  Maryland,  Kentucky, and others that think they can’t play Poker on-line,  Can Play On-line!

This is nothing but a Fable, a Urban Legend.

Here’s an Idea, 

Grrrinders is a Poker Club based in Nevada that accepts players from all 50 U.S. States.

Grrrinders is more of a Poker Club than a Poker Site, sure it is based on Poker players who play and enjoy the game, but it is more of an experience, a gathering of  people with a common interest.

Grrrinders members really know each other, meet up at live tournaments, and Casinos and really are involved with each other.

The play on Grrrinders is not what you would expect, THEY ARE REALLY GOOD PLAYERS!

Winning is not the norm, but good play is! It is really tough to grind out a profit.

Unlike many on-line Poker sites, the players pay attention to what is going on, bets are respected, there are not many goofs who just bet to bet.

You must mix your play, or they will figure you out!

The Play Is Very Tough! You must bring your best each and every time you play, or you will be gone sooner than you think.

Who plays on Grrrinders? 

Everyone who really loves Poker.

There are housewives, retirees, young  wannabe’s,  recreational players, hobbyists, semi-professionals, newbies, and everything in between.

Grrrinders offers a large array of daily tournaments, including daily $50, $100, $120 and $200 offerings.

Grrrinders is also a site that likes to give their players a lot of options, The schedule will change, sometimes weekly….

Why? Because doing the same thing week in and week out can become dull.

Grrrinders is always adding events and prizes to mix it up,  just to keep the interest alive.

The set Grrrinders schedule includes:

Wednesdays have the $500 weekly, Thursdays the $250 Chop (top 5 finishers chop $250), the Sunday $600, and the Saturday $1000 each and every week.

If you just found Grrrinders, you missed out on what many considered the most generous WSOP Seat offering available on-line.

Every Monday there was a $1000 WSOP Seat awarded.

More than 30 skilled players cashed a $1000 (that’s right $30,000 in seats were awarded) Seat to any $1000 WSOP event  in 2012, in fact there were even multi-seat winners.  Each Seat also received $500 in travel allowances.

The planning for the Grrrinders arrival in Las Vegas for the 2012 WSOP  was well thought out and executed… complete with Grrrinders Gear, Dinners and probably Parties unknown to the General Public (they are so close, it had to happen!)

Grrrinders even ran a 3 week series of Multi-Day (The two-day $1500) tournaments to help prepare their WSOP  seat winners for the rigors of the WSOP Events, to help them get used to playing one tournament over a two or three day span, what other poker site on-line has ever done that?????

Grrrinders just celebrated their ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY—and it was a very successful year for all involved, everyone who played on Grrrinders won, even the players who came away with no big wins!

there are over 6000 players who have signed up, whether for totally free play (which by the way is very generous, offering many great Free Play prizes) or signed up for the Gold Room (The Member Poker Room).

Grrrinders accepts players from every U.S. State, the price of $29.99 per month for Gold Room membership, works out to a dollar a day, which is nothing compared to the enjoyment of the competition (and the potential of winning a significant amount, whether cash or a Live Tournament Seat).

The friendships you’ll make and the potential of winning the many Live seats, Cash Awards or Prizes awarded, make it well worth the investment.

If you go with the Best Deal, 3 month’s for $69.99  (about 75c a day) you get an even better bang for your Buck!  is what most players are looking for, it is not a Poker Room full of Faceless Multi-table players trying to earn every penny they can, it is a Poker Room full of players who really love to play, love to compete, and are looking for something to belong to….

A Complete  Club for Poker Players!!!!!!

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