Is Illinois next for internet Gaming?

Illinois which is the only State to allow Lottery sales via the internet is genuinely considering a full internet gaming package which would include POKER!

I would hope they come to their senses and legalize it to the point where games like poker and maybe select casino games become a reality.

Illinois which has become one of the many states hurting for revenues, would gladly welcome anything that could put them in the forefront, and make them a leader in gaming.  The revenue derived from such operations could ease residents of what many consider OVER-BEARING and anti-business tax rates!

Illinois already enjoys river boat casinos, a extremely popular state lottery-which includes internet play, the only state in the U.S. which you can purchase lottery tickets on-line.

Illinois has the population, the potential player base  and the central location which could make Illinois a leader in Gaming, on-line and ground based if they so chose to.

Read this Article and keep your fingers crossed Illinoisans, Your time may be coming!

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