Americas Cardroom Sit N Go Mania

Americas Cardroom Sit N Go’s

ACR has had many critics of their SNG offerings and SNG player traffic. Well, they are not sitting still and letting this specialized player niche be ignored.

To make Sit N Go’s the value their players are looking for,  ACR has lowered their buy-in fees on many of their SNG options. This is in addition to The $10,000 SNG MANIA

The $10K SNG Mania pays the top 125  finishers in the race their share of $10,000

The race runs the entire month of May. This is the second consecutive month it has run and word is it will continue indefinitely.

1st=$2000, 2nd=$750, 3rd $500, 4=$400, 5=$350, 6=$300, 7=$250 8-9=$200, 10-11=$150, 12-19=$100, 20-71=$50, 72-125=$25

How SNG Mania Points are calculated

Here’s how it works, sign -up and play in any ACR SNG and earn points to the race.  Points are calculated by taking the buy-in for each SNG, multiplied by the number of players and is then multiplied by 10% to get your points earned for that SNG.

Buy-in x total seats x 10% = SNG race points.

A $100 heads up SNG would be 100 x 2 x 10% =  20 SNG points

A $50 9 player would be 50 x 9 x 10% = 45 points

A $10 6 max would be 10 x 6 x 10% = 6 points

The points will add up quickly for anyone who specializes in SNG play.

How many points would win?

As of May 11, 2012 here are some of the SNG Mania Standings and payouts. (amount won if ended today)

1st place=12480 pts ($2000), 10th=1968 pts ($150), 12th to 19th ranged from 1863 pts to 1179 pts ($100), 71st=434 pts ($50), 125th=264 pts ($25).

These are not unreasonable totals for finishing in the Money.

SNG’s Available and Fees

All specialized Sit n go’s offer reduced fees of 7%, 8% or less.

Standard 9 player SNG’s: $100, $50, $30, $20, $15, $5, $3, $1.50 in Hold-em and Omaha (All standard fees)

Double or Nothing 10 player SNG’s:  $100+7, $50+3.50, $30+2.10, $20+1.40  only 7% fees.

Omaha 6 max: $3, $5, $10, $15, $20, $30 and $50.  Turbos and hyper turbos only have 9% fees for turbos and 8% fees for hyper turbos.

Heads Up SNG’s will offer the best values, depending on Turbo or Ultra Turbo here are some buy-in examples: $3+10c, $5+15c, $10+25c, $15+35c, $20+$1, $30+65c, $50+$1, $100+$2.

Heads up players these buy-ins and fees just can’t be beat!

That’s not all to consider, when you sign-up you get a 100% No Time Limit Bonus that clears at a rate of $1 per $5 in fees and lifetime 27% Rake back on the the other $4 paid ($5 fees – $1 bonus).

This means you are getting over 40% kicked back into your player account every week, for every game you play on Americas Cardroom. Any player who has about a break even or winning SNG game, can easily make a great deal of money on ACR

ACR has also been rated as the Top Cash-out Option for U.S. players 4 months running in 2012.

As Americas Cardroom builds on the SNG room, the games will start to fill quickly and you will find some very soft players that will  make you VERY SUCCESSFUL!

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