What is play on Grrrinders.com Like?

How serious is the play on Grrrinders.com?

Wednesday May 9, 2012,  $500 Pool, 9PM ET, deep stack, 4500 chip start, 10 minute blinds

I played and did pretty well, I lasted almost 3 hours on the Wednesday, May 9th $500. Out of 314 sign-ups I finished 43rd, won 153 points, hard earned points.

I played relatively tight and lasted almost 3 full hours, (saw 21% of the flops), only won 10 total hands.

My downfall was too loose of play at the 1000/2000/100 level.  I blew it, should have waited for something better than A-10!

As you play on Grrrinders you will see just what I am saying,  for example, my best played hand was me holding 10-J,  and the  dealer flopped 9,8,10.

I had top pair and a draw,  so I raised 4X the BB.  Got called, the turn was a 3.  I raised the Pot and got called again. River was a 3…I held  10,10,3,3, J so I checked.

The other remaining player bet all-in (his stack was twice mine) I thought a minute and called. He had 9-8 for 9,9,8,8,10….I win with a better two pair 10,10,3,3,J!

Just as I suspected he caught a 9 on the flop (for 9-9) and held nothing else, he would have raised at some point before the river.

That’s how play is on Grrrinders, you will not see any free cards, unless they want one,  and facing aggressive betting will always make you think……..Period!

I doubled up on this hand and lived for another hour!

My worst played hand was A-A which was destroyed by a river set of  9’s, should have known better when the second 9 hit the board (he was in the Big Blind).

You need to think when playing on Grrrinders, they are not just a bunch of donk’s looking for a payday! They know how to play, and how to win.

Play on Grrrinders is tough, very aggressive, very hard to crack the money in even the smallest of tournaments.

This is what a Poker Club should be,  the other players are  really interested in results, how play progresses, proper play and who won.

There is a sincere interest in everyone’s play.  While I played, the chat conversation was very active and beyond interesting.

The conversation ranged from why a hand was played to videos they saw on U-Tube, this is why I really think Grrrinders is a place to play. Members talk to each other, the negative talk you see on other sites is very minimal.

If you are looking for players who truly care, who take their poker interest seriously, who want to belong with players with the same interests, Grrrinders is the place to be.

I did not write the following, these are a few excepts from this rundown on the Final Table is from DireStraights Blog, (Found on Grrrinders.com Community Page) posted on May 10, 2012 at 8:30AM.

Players on Grrrinders take Poker to heart and here is a perfect example.

DireStraights Blog May 10, 2012

This tournament started with 314 players here were the payouts

1.$150 2.$100 3.$75 4.$50 5.$25 6-10 $10each 11-20 $5each

Tonights $500 was very interesting.. I started a table where there were five sit outs for quite some time so my  table mates and I had the joy of playing a shorthand tournament with quite a bit of money on the line

which brings me to an idea ..Would the players think it would be interesting to play a big big money tournament with 4 seated tables .. How about a $500.00 four seater??

When the smoke cleared here were our final surviving participants..

Blinds 10000/20000 Ante 1000

Seat 1: HomeGameDonk (27922)
Seat 2: 10icplayer (119531)
Seat 3: nascarracing (126576)
Seat 4: INTIMID88OR (63264)
Seat 5: maddddmexxx (151572)
Seat 6: BILLYBOY (151484)
Seat 7: kjock (250206)
Seat 8: coydog (96210)
Seat 9: bebo995 (233259)
Seat 10: tellyman (192976)

nascarrracing takes down some blinds and antes
—————————————————————-**Elimination Hand**

Blinds 15000/30000 Ante 1500

Seat 7: kjock (469138)
Seat 9: bebo995 (494870)
Seat 10: tellyman (448992)

first to act tellyman moves all in for his remaining 447,492 chips with K 10
bebo995 in the big blind makes the call with A3
(considering the all in shovage in general that had been happening up to this point I actually don’t have a problem with this call :} it’s just unfortunate that tellyman wasn’t able to have his string of blinds and antes like another aforementioned player! 🙂 heh heh

neither players cards hit…the A3 holds and tellyman is eliminated in 3rd place
Here Are Your Final Two Players – Heads Up

Blinds 15000/30000 Ante 1500

Seat 7: kjock (452638)
Seat 9: bebo995 (960362)

bebo995 takes a contested pot from kjock without a showdown

Seat 7: kjock (284638)
Seat 9: bebo995 (1128362)

then kjock battles back a bit taking down a contested pot

Seat 7: kjock (344638)
Seat 9: bebo995 (1068362)

then another for kjock

Seat 7: kjock (466638)
Seat 9: bebo995 (946362)

bebo keeps the pressure on

Seat 7: kjock (342638)
Seat 9: bebo995 (1070362)

the blinds and antes are moving up 20k-40k and kjock gets a big hand for a breath of fresh air when flopped a 10 high straight on a 789 flop nd slowplayed it with his 10 6 ..an ace came on the turn and kjock checks and bebo995 bets out with 23 (known to some as the klash) kjock calls then a 3 comes on the river .. now bebo’s 23 has hit a 3 and kjock bets out 120k and bebo thinking that the 3 is good I gather makes the call and kjock takes down a nice pot

Seat 7: kjock (480638)
Seat 9: bebo995 (932362)

kjock takes down some blinds and antes and now they are pretty huge! :}

Seat 7: kjock (500638)
Seat 9: bebo995 (912362)

the roll of blnds and antes continue

Seat 7: kjock (564638)
Seat 9: bebo995 (848362)


kjock has A 10
bebo995 has 89

kjock raises to 120k three times the blind and bebo995 calls

** Flop ** [7c Ts 6d]

kjock has hit top pair
bebo995 has flopped the nut straight bebo checks and kjock checks I imagine trying to just see the 10 make it to the end of this hand and win ..dangerous flop  assuming this opponent only had one of the straight cards

** Turn ** [Qh]

after the queen turn and bebo’s check I’m imagining kjock thinks his 10 is good and doesn’t want to give away any more free cards and bets out 160k and bebo995 makes the call

** River ** [4s]

the 4 on the river and bebo995 bets out 120k with the straight I think concealed pretty well .. kjock makes the call

what’s up with those flopped straights?? 🙂 .. both played their perspective flopped hands quite well..everything was just more expensive when bebo flooped his

Seat 7: kjock (162638)
Seat 9: bebo995 (1250362)

kjock doubles up when his pocket 3’s hold against the 96 of bebo995 who with that chipstack could take a gamble with any two cards

bebo and kjock exchange blinds and antes.. kjock begins to grrrind his way back with contested pots

Blinds 20000/40000 Ante 2000

Seat 7: kjock (569276)
Seat 9: bebo995 (843724)
**Elimination Hand**

Blinds 20000/40000 Ante 2000

Seat 7: kjock (569276)
Seat 9: bebo995 (843724)

kjock raises to 160k with JQ suited spades
bebo995 reraises all in for 841,724 with k6 and kjock makes the call putting the remainder of his chips all in (407,276) none of the cards hit..An Ace hits the board..the king high of bebo995 outkicks the Queen of kjock and kjock is eliminated in 2nd place

Congratulations bebo995!!! A big Standing “O” on behalf of myself and Grrrinders!!

I thought this heads up and game demonstrated quite well the mind games that go on in poker and was a well fought heads up.

Congratulations as well to all cashers and final table finishers!

This one is one for the bloggy books! 🙂


You will not see anyone , anywhere take the time to compile hand histories, details and commentary like this on any other internet Poker site….

This is why I play here and belong to this POKER CLUB.  There is a sincere interest from the members, they all really have  Poker in their blood!

See what Grrrinders is all about,

Grrrinders members have access to both the Gold Room and the Diamond Room.  Memberships on Grrrinders start at $29.99 a month,  the Best Deal is 3 months for $69.99

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