$5 buy-in Guarantees on Americas Cardroom

New $5 Buy-in Guarantees on Americas Cardroom

$5, That’s right $5

Every Wednesday and Sunday (The Sunday Nickel), you can find a guaranteed tournament that not only offers a huge Prize pool, but gives you the chance to win some Real money for a micro limit price ($5.50).

Here’s the Details:

Wednesday 8PM ET, $5.50 buy-in, 5000 chip deep stack, 15 minute blinds, re-entry (optional), $2500 guaranteed in total prize pool.

Sunday 8PM ET, $5.50 buy-in, 5000 chip deep stack, 15 minute blinds, re-entry (optional), A huge $5000 guaranteed total prize pool.

The first $5 GTD was Wednesday April 25th. It drew 285 players, created a pool of $2500 and paid the top 81 finishers. 1st place won $487 not bad for a $5 investment.

It should be noted, that the re-entry option increases the prize pool, increases the number of payouts while keeping the total players in the tournament at the same level.

For example if 200 total  players sign-up that would make it a $1000 pool, with the top 40 cashing. If 150 players re-enter, after being knocked out, the pool will increase to $1750 and the total paying spots will increase to 70.

Each re-entry is counted as a new sign-up.

You still are only against 200 total players, but the pool will almost double and the your chances of cashing a win will also be almost doubled.

Americas Cardroom allows re-entry into almost all of their premier Guarantees, and the chances of winning are increased in each re-entry tournament.

Deep Stack Tournaments (starting stacks of 2X, 3X or even 5X the normal 1500 chip tournament starts, and longer up to 20 minute blind periods) are gaining huge popularity in 2012, especially with on-line poker players and rooms.

Many players, especially U.S. players are wanting more Bang for their Poker dollar on-line.

Americas Cardroom has taken this point seriously and made deep stacks a priority. Every Guaranteed tournament on ACR is now a Deep stack, with 15 minute or longer blind periods.

When you combine, deep stacks, longer blinds, low buy-ins and re -entry options you can see why Americas Cardroom is the place to play Guaranteed tournaments and really get more for your money!

Americas Cardroom offers a $1000/100% Bonus (No time limit) and if you click Here you get 27% rake back on all tournament fees and ring game fees paid

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