Liberty Weekends Saturday $10K Results and Re-buy Tournament Strategy

Saturday April 7, 2012 $10,000 GTD Deepstack Results

128 players signed up to play the $50 + $5 buy-in,  5000 chip start,

1 Re-buy (5000 chips)  and 1 Add-on Top 12 finisher pay outs for April 7 $10K tournament on ACR (10,000 chips)

27 total places paid  (27th=$134.75)

The Top Twelve finishers were paid as listed here »»»»»»

This is an average of about 1 player in 5  winning Cash (20% paid).

Small player fields on large guaranteed tournaments mean great player value on Americas Cardroom.

Re-buy Strategy for the ACR Deep stack R + A Tournaments

The $10K GTD deep stack tournaments on Americas Cardroom really do offer some good value, the small fields, large stacks and long blinds (15 minutes) allow for even the tightest players a chance for a nice return on their investment.

Play tight, play only your strong hands, and bet big when the opportunity presents itself. You will last longer and be in the hunt for a cash out.

We have been watching the deep stack GTD’s on ACR for a while, there are quite a few players who use the late registration (2 hours) to their advantage.

They will wait until there is about 5 minutes left in registration, sign-up (5000 chip start) then either re-buy (5000 chips) or sit tight and add-on (10,000 chips) before even playing a hand.

The average chip stack on these tournaments at this time are only at maybe 9K to 10k, so a buy-in and add-on puts them within the chip leader board.

The blinds at this point (since the blinds are longer) are only at 80-160. At  this point you have about 60+ BB, and lots of room to play your game.

This will still give you plenty of time to wait for a hand, or to take charge of a table with numerous short stacks, by playing the bully.

We have personally tried similar strategies on a smaller scale ($5 buy-in) with some success. A $105 or $155 buy-in at this point on the $10K GTD, could involve risk that many would not be willing to take.

The determining factor would be a good estimate of a minimum cash, if the total tournament is at the guaranteed amount or over, a quick view of the prize structure would give you an idea if it was worth the risk.

The April 7th $10k was already at $10,000 total pool at this point (end of registration) and the add-on’s were not in the total amount.

There were 89 players still involved in the tournament at this point, so figure at least 1/3 to 1/2 would add-on.  About $1500 to $2500 in additional prize pool dollars would be added.

So the risk was worth the chance, with a $134 minimum cash offered,  a $105 investment was reasonable.  Don’t plan to play for a minimum cash-out, always  think higher–you have a nice stack to work with, take it from there.

If the minimum cash were only going to be in the $100 or less range forget it, it’s not worth the 2 or 3 hours you would have to play to finish the tournament.

These are only basic guidelines for this type of strategy, work on your own ideas and experiment. Take the game to your level and work on improving your play, on your planning and make yourself a winner.

Good players will always make their own luck, and good players will  always win from players who do not.

Try this on your next R + A tournament,  start small like $1 or $5 R +A’s  and see if can work for you.   Sign-up late, re-buy and add-on and go from there.

Get 27% rake back plus a 100%/$1000 no time limit bonus on ACR

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