Is Americas Cardroom Legal?

Updated: November 5, 2013

Americas is completely 100% legal,

Play Poker for Free 24 hours a day / 7 days a week on Americas ACR in October Free play on ACR includes ring games and tournaments.

Hourly Free Rolls are available where real money can be won without you risking a thing….

Americas is  their real Money Poker Room.

Playing poker on-line (except in Washington State) is legal, moving money to and from your account is in the gray area.

That’s about as simple of answer you will ever get!  And to be truthful,  is the correct answer.

Americas Cardroom (100% Bonus) provides real money Poker, Cash ring games, and the best cash buy-in guaranteed tournament action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Tournaments start with as little as $1 buy-ins and have daily Guarantees up to $12.5K every day…………

Did you know that Americas Cardroom has the best Cash-out options available for Poker Players on the internet?

Read about their Best Cash-out option:  Debit Card Cash-outs

U.S. Dept Justice Ruling 2011

The U.S. DoJ ruling in Dec. of 2011, has been quoted as saying the only gaming covered by the 1961 wire act is sports betting, Poker is not mentioned or even considered gambling according to this ruling.

Interstate transmissions of wire communications that do not relate to a “sporting event or contest” fall outside the reach of the Wire Act.  

The UIGEA of 2006, does not mention Poker in any sense of the word, so in many Legal opinions doe’s not apply to playing Poker on the Internet.

Back to your question, Is Americas Cardroom Legal?

Until we get a definitive ruling from the Supreme Court, whether federally or from a individual state, there is no correct answer.

Keep in mind there are several states considering legalization of internet gaming.

Nevada leads the way, having already set the standards and are taking applicants for licensing, and is expected to go live later in 2012.

Update Nov. 5 : Nevada is live with On-line Poker

Update Nov. 5  New Jersey is ready to go live online by the end of 2013

Delaware has also passed a bill legalizing internet gaming, including Poker and should be on-line with games in 2013.

Only players who reside in Nevada and Delaware will be able to play poker on these sites, non-residents will be excluded!

You must be with-in the borders of these states in order to play, residency does not mean you can play where ever you are……

There have been 13 other states considering legalization, but none have progressed as far as Nevada and Delaware.

Should I join Americas Cardroom and play Poker on-line?

We would say yes, we can only guess who or where internet Poker will be allowed, if you read some of the information online, you would think Federal regulation is over a year away (after elections of 2012), and most states (except Nevada and Delaware) have absolutely no clue as to what they want or how they want to implement internet gaming.

In a nut shell, the entire process both Federally and State wise is a complete shambles, and who knows what or when any thing else will advance.

Legalization of Internet poker in any other U.S. locations is not a definitive action, it may never happen!

We under stand any doubts, on any ones part.

Here is a simple solution,

If you want to Play Completely Hassle Free Poker On-line, here are two suggestions.

ClubWPT offers round the clock Legal Poker Tournaments for U.S. players.

A set monthly membership fee is all you risk to play for tournament pools of $10, $20,$50, $100, $500, $1000, $10000 and Live WPT Event Seats.

New players get a 14 Day free trial period on ClubWPT

The choice is yours, we partake in playing Poker on-line daily, and enjoy it on a regular basis, why don’t you?

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