Win $1000 Seats to WSOP Bracelet events

How much would you pay for a weekly chance to win a Real, Live, $1000 WSOP™ seat?  For a chance at a the ultimate poker players dream, a WSOP Bracelet™?

How much would you pay to play in a tournament with a small field of maybe 400 or less that awards a $1000 WSOP™ seat?

Do  you  want to be the winner of one of these seats,  more than $20,000 in WSOP™ seats have already been paid, Is there one out there with your name on it?

Where can I win one of these?

When can I win one of these?     Every Monday at 9PM ET,

What Dates?    March 19, 26     April 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30th.

Tournament Details:  6000 chip deep stack / freeze-out, 10 minute blinds, 30 sec. turn clock, limited to 500 total entries.

How Much?  A basic Monthly Subscription is only $29.99 and qualifies you to play in each and every one of these tournaments,


You can play in each and every one of these tournaments.

What else do I get? You also compete in a weekly  $500 and $1000 tournaments,   Daily $80, $100 tournaments, and several $200 tournaments during the week.

Additional tournaments are added weekly, including additional live seats to live tournament events.

Are you willing to join the over 5400  players who already do?

Who have competed in over 16,000 tournaments?

Diamond Room Players have been paid almost a Quarter Million in cash and prizes.

Hows the competition here?  Very Good, winning is not easy.  There are many experienced tournament players on Grrrinders, and not just a bunch of hacks trying to get something for nothing!  Good play is a must, if you want to win.

Is this a subscription Poker Site?  Not in the sense you may be thinking, is a community,  a True Poker Club,  everyone seems to know everyone.

This is NOT a random Poker skin from a large network, it is completely owned, operated and based here in the U.S.A.

Customer Service is second to none, David Webb (founder of Grrrinders) is very active on the forums and blogs offered with membership and is quite often the contact you’ll talk to.

You do not have to join right away, Grrrinders offers completely Free Play on the Gold Room, if you want to try it before you commit any thing.  accepts players from the entire 50 U.S. states–no restrictions

World Series of Poker (WSOP) and its related trademarks are owned by Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

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