ACR to hold $250,000 GTD tournament on April 15th

Americas Cardroom schedules a $250,000 GTD Tournament, their largest ever on April 15th.

This will be the 1st anniversary of Black Friday,  the darkest day in U.S. Poker history.  ACR  supports your Poker freedom.

Isn’t that Tax Day too?

Well not really, April 15th is on a Sunday this year, so your taxes are not really due until Monday the 16th.

What about the tournament?

Sunday April 15, 2012 at 6PM Eastern time,  10,000 chip  super deep stack, 15 minute blinds.

How Much?  $215 buy-in


No not ouch,  first of all,  the winner is guaranteed $50,000,  that’s 20% of the pool no matter how many players enter.  The 1st place prize will not be diluted!

Also, there is going to be  a Super Satellite to be held on FRIDAY the 13th! (every ones Lucky day!)

The buy-in for the Super Sat is $39 ($36+3) buy-in, will have a 5000 chip stack, 15 minute blinds (it’s not a turbo, all-in donk fest!) and will guarantee 250 Seats to the $250K.  This  is where you can get your seat.

Anything else we should know?

Yes there’s more, You can even win a seat for the Super Sat everyday (qualifiers are starting now) for only $1.10 or if you prefer there will be $7.70 qualifiers that will guarantee 2 seats to the super sat.

Where do I go to sign-up?

Sign up now and get a no time limit 100% bonus and 27% rakeback, with no minimum play required

Is that it?

No, The $250k is part of a new April Promotion Americas Cardroom is running.

What Promotion?

Liberty Weekends,  Celebrating your Poker Freedom

Liberty Weekends will be run all thru April, and will feature a $50K GTD every Sunday (April 15th $250K) and a $10K GTD every  Saturday.

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