Americas Cardroom DeepStack Guaranteed Tournaments

Every evening, there’s a guaranteed  tournament on Americas Cardroom you do not want to miss.

Whats the big deal?  All sites offer guaranteed Tournaments!

These ACR tourneys offer something most sites don’t—smaller fields with consistent over spreads.  There is maybe 200 to 300 sign-ups max on any of these tournaments.

The guarantee is almost always over spread, and  you do not have to plow through a field of 1000 players to cash.

With smaller fields, payouts are considerably larger, the pool is divided amongst fewer winners and having to get past fewer opponents makes a higher finish, a lot more probable.

First place will collect over 20% of the total pool, and it wont be reduced to 15% or less like it will be on larger fields.

Even a simple cash (just get past the bubble) will double your buy-in, the larger fields have a tendency to make the smallest cash-outs less than your buy-in on other sites.

The Schedule: 

Sunday 8PM $15,000,  Monday 9PM $8ooo ,  Tuesday 9PM $7000,  Wednesday 9PM $7000,  Thursday 9PM $7000,  Friday 9PM $7000 and the Saturday 9PM $7500.  All times Eastern.

Look for Guarantee amount updates daily

ACR is continually updating the Guarantee amounts, in fact the Monday to Friday Deep stacks were only $5k GTD two weeks ago, updated to $6K GTD and $7K GTD last week and have been revised again Monday March 12 to $7K and $8K.

Look for ACR’s Double Guarantee promotions each month, these make the Deep Stacks even more attractive for play.

About the tournaments:

All are 5000 chip Deep stacks, all have 15 minute blinds.  The Saturday $7500 allows one re-buy and one add-on


Sunday  $137,   Saturday $55,   Monday to Friday  $27.50

Americas Cardroom offers a 100% No-Time Limit Bonus, and 27% Rake back  (paid weekly) for all players (no ridiculously high  VIP or FFP point requirements to receive benefits).

Check out Americas Cardroom to get the Best Deal in online poker.

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