Bovada restricts account transfers to 4 U.S. States

This was added to the Bovada Home Page:

“Bovada has suspended transfers from residents of the following States: Maryland, Washington, New York & Utah.

“If you are a Bovada customer from one of the above states, you will not be able to use your MyPaylinQ account to transfer. Please contact support at Bovada for further information.”

Bovada as you may be aware is the New Bodog.

Bodog  stopped taking U.S. players back in December of 2012 and re-launched here in the United States with the Bovada Brand.

What exactly this means is Bovada is protecting itself from any further legal actions against them.

These states have given Poker Rooms and On-line Gaming in general,  legal  problems in the past….Utah, it should be noted is about to out-law any internet Gaming and Washington state already has laws on the books prohibiting on-line Poker.

This would not be a unusual move, the Merge Network home to Carbon and Lock Poker openly state that they will not accept players from these same states–they made this move last year just after Black Friday.

Calvin Ayre (founder of the Bodog Brand) was indicted last month on money laundering and gambling charges by the US DoJ,  the domain was seized at that time.

This indictment did not affect players on Bovada immediately, however the process may be starting to accelerate in an attempt to limit US play on Bovada.  Bovada is being pro-active and not only protecting themselves but players in areas where problems could arise.


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