$1000 Fantasy Football Free Roll on DraftKings

DraftKings will have a $1000 Football Free Roll for all Players

This Post is from 2012

However, If you join DraftKings Now, You get to enter the 2016 $100K Week One Free Fantasy Football contest on DraftKings. The $100K will pay 37400 winners.

No Deposit, No points, No Password, it’s there for all to play without any restrictions!

DraftKings being the new kid on the Internet Fantasy Block is going for it every week with this offer!

The Week One $10K Free Roll on DraftKings was a Huge hit, and awarded 1000 skilled coaches a lot of Free Money….

DraftKings has planned to make their first Fantasy Football season a success, and has more mega Free Rolls and Events planned for the entire NFL Season.

DraftKings has Guaranteed over $1 million in payoffs for this football season!

$1000 Free Roll Details

Entry will close at 1PM ET (Kick-Off) every Sunday.

No Thursday games are included.

These Free Rolls use the standard DraftKings Fantasy Football Scoring/Details

We have no idea as of yet as to how many players will play each week, the Sunday $500 Baseball Free Roll draws about 1500 each week, we know it will have a larger weekly field.

The top 400 players will be paid, here’s the payout listing.

The Step1 tickets are worth $2, they will get you entry into Step 1 of a 6 step series of contests that can get you into a $2500 Step 6 final, there the winner will win a cool $1000.

If you’d like more information on DraftKings, check out our complete Review

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