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  • Weekly Fantasy Football Leagues

    The NFL Season is here.

    By now you have long been done with your research and have drafted your season long team.

    Are you really happy with the team you drafted? Most players are, until reality sets in and they realize that their team just isn't what they expected.

    Imagine a fantasy football season where you can play week to week, only when you want to. Not having to worry about pick ups and drops, player injuries, players not playing up to expectations, player suspensions, unfair trades, sore losers or any of those other annoyances that can ruin your fantasy team and season.

    On DraftKings, you can start every player you want each week and can have that perfect line up each and every Sunday.

    That's where you can still salvage your fantasy season, use all your research and knowledge and play winning fantasy football every week and still win money

  • DraftKings Fantasy Football

    Draft Kings Fantasy Football

  • FanDuel Fantasy Sports

How much does it cost to play on DraftKings?

How Much does it Cost to play on DraftKings?

I have received that question 10 times in the last 3 days on my e-mail.

(e-mail me, Robert Alan at usalegalonlinepoker@gmail.com with any DraftKings  questions).

On DraftKings it will take as little as $10 to start playing. The Quarter Arcade

If you more confident kind of fantasy player, any size deposit is good.

All new users will get a 100% bonus plus a free entry to a free paid cash game on DraftKings when you deposit.

$10 is more than enough to start playing weekly Fantasy Football on their Quarter Arcade games and you can be sure that your account is safe and secure.

If you go with just a $20 to $30 deposit, the $1 and $2 contests are perfect. This will give you plenty of entries and a chance to make your weekly player selection process take hold.

A $5o starting amount will be a comfortable amount to start on the $3 to $5 contests.

Our Basic Advice and Strategy  has more on game selection and bankroll management.

There are also free games you can try like the $1000 Week one Free Roll.

The Quarter Arcade Contests offer all the excitement and challenge of fantasy football at a price everyone can afford.

Prize pools on the Quarter Arcade Contests have up to $10K in Guaranteed prize pools and award the 1st place finishers up to $500

$1 entry Contests like the Daily Dollar offer prize pools of $750  to $3000

$2 entry Contests have prize pools of $10K to $100K (you get a free ticket for any $2 game with any size deposit)

DraftKings has a very reasonable fee structure, almost all contests only charge 10% or less of the total buy-ins as their share of the action.

For example: On a $1 league buy-in, 90¢ from each player will go directly to the prize pool and DraftKings will collect their 10¢ fee. In this example a 10 player league will have a $9 prize pool to pay the winners.

DraftKings accepts all major Credit Cards and Pay Pal.

Are you in for Week One?.

Just a few days left before Kick Off

Week One of the 2014 Fantasy Football Season is Here…….

The NFL Kicks Off on Thursday Sept. 4 with thePlay DraftKings in Week One Green Bay Packers visiting the Defending Champion Seattle Seahawks…..

Are you Ready to enjoy the Best Way to Play Fantasy Football on DraftKings?

You still have a few days to get yourself into the growing phenomenon of weekly fantasy football.

No longer will you have to worry about who to sit or start, bye weeks, injuries, suspensions, weekly pick ups and drops or sure things gone bad.

You can play who you want, when you want, every week and put the best team possible on the field every Sunday on DraftKings.

The Cost of playing on DraftKings is up to you.  You can start with a deposit of just $20 and play all year long. You could even Go for it All and start with a $200 deposit and grind your way to all the way to the $2.5 million dollar King of the Beach Championship

Everyone can find a Game on Draftkings that fits their skill and budget.

DraftKings is celebrating the 2014 return of NFL football this week with the $5 Million Dollar Kick Off Bash

Draftkings has put $5 Million Dollars in guaranteed prizes on the line for all you Fantasy Football Players on the NFL Kick off  Weekend of Sept. 7th.

13 more Reasons to visit DraftKings and start playing this week

  • DraftKings has 1000’s of weekly Fantasy football contests to choose from every week.
  • Players will get double their deposit (up to $600) with the 100% New Player Sign-up Bonus
  • New players will get a Free Entry in the $100,000 Week One $100K GTD Play Action*.
  • DraftKings has all the information you’ll need to create a winning line-up. Including detailed player stats and injury and status news, player opposition rankings, game by game player listings,  full team depth charts and salaries.
  • You can build a winning line-up in minutes with everything that DraftKings has to offer.
  • Contests can be played for as little (25¢ or $1) or as much as you desire (up to $200, $500 or $1K).
  • Compete on 2 player, 3 player, 5 player, 10 player or larger fantasy football tournament contests.
  • Tournaments have prize pools as large as $2.5 Million Dollars on DraftKings.
  • Easy to use software and no download is needed and a Best in Class Mobile App is available.
  • DraftKings uses safe and secure SSL connections on all transactions.
  • Use any Credit Card or PayPal to Deposit and play.
  • Withdrawals (via Check or PayPal) are fast and easy.
  • Completely legal in 45 U.S. States. Only Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, and Washington are excluded.

Draft a team Now

Be sure to read our Stack your DraftKings NFL Lineup for weekly line up advice.

* Look for the Orange Ticket on the Main Contest Lobby and join any game you wish with the FREE GAME ENTRY BONUS.

Win a $6500 WPT Poker Open Package on DraftKings

DraftKings and the World Poker Tour have teamedDraftKings and WPT up to offer a $6500 VIP Package to the September 14 WPT Borgata Poker Open.

The Borgata Poker Open will be held September 14 to 19 at the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ

DraftKings has been associated with the WPT for a while now,  DraftKings also sponsors a monthly $2000 Poker tournament on ClubWPT.

Only on DraftKings can you win a Fantasy Football contest and then play in a live WPT Poker event in Atlantic City, NJ.

The WPT Borgata Poker Open Satellite on DraftKings

Starts at 1PM ET Sunday Sept. 7, 2014, buy-in $55, is limited to 170 players, multiple entries allowed (up to 10).


1st place wins the $6500 VIP Package* which includes: A $3500 WPT Poker Open Main event buy-in, 7 days Hotel accommodations, $1200 for Travel, $500 in spending money, $1700 will be added to your DraftKings account.

The complete VIP experience also includes Dinner and Poker Strategy planning with WPT Pros, the Final Table Experience (front row seat) and a DraftKings Swag Bag.

15 other places pay out up to $500 cash on the Poker Open Satellite.

*Must be 21 on September 14 and able to travel on specified days

WPT Borgata Poker Open Satellite on DraftKings

DraftKings and Poker are a natural fit for players who love the chance to use their skills and abilities to win on Fantasy Sports and Poker.

Sign-up today on DraftKings and get ready for the September 7th Kick-off Bash.

WPT and The WPT logo are registered  trademarks of WPT Enterprises Inc.

DraftKings grows again…..

DraftKings acquires StarStreet

In another move to add to their growing portfolio of Daily Fantasy Dominance, DraftKings has acquired Starstreet.

By adding this player base, DraftKings continues it quest to become the largest Daily Fantasy Sports site online.

Use Promo Code: USALegal

Use Promo Code: USALegal

Starstreet has been in operation for a while, but hasn’t really taken off like some of the larger DFS sites.

Starstreet, although not being a very large DFS site, has a strong group of dedicated players who will add a nice mix of  competition and definitely add to the total number of active daily players

DraftKings recently (in July) added Draftstreet  and has grown their player base substantially in the last couple of months.

You can expect DraftKings to be able to offer an even larger amount of game selections and offer larger payouts with the addition of the Starstreet player base.

Check out everything about DraftKings Fantasy Football Here.

Here’s the announcement from DraftKings:

Exciting News For Our Players

We are very pleased to announce that we have acquired StarStreet as part of

our long-term vision of continuing to bring our loyal customers the very best in

daily fantasy sports. Both StarStreet and DraftKings have been, and remain,

grateful for the support of those fantasy players who have chosen to play on

our sites. We look forward to bringing you many of fantasy sports’ biggest games

and prizes, in addition to top-notch customer service, industry-leading mobile

applications, and an ever-expanding portfolio of sports and contest types to fit

every player.

College Football is Back on DraftKings

CFB on DraftKings

The 2014 NCAA Football season opens on DraftKingsThursday August 28th and goes into full swing on Saturday, August 30th.

Fantasy College Football is one of the fastest  growing of the fantasy sports.

Last year the total number of players who tried Daily CFB Fantasy grew tremendously, as they discovered the ease of play and the high scoring games. This year many expect the numbers to be even better, with more players and larger prize pools……

Whats the best way to play CFB Fantasy?  The daily play way on DraftKings…….

If you like to see a lot of scoring on your fantasy teams, then try the CFB contests on DraftKings.

The scoring is unreal, how does a 250 point day sound to you?

Not only can you follow your schools top stars, you get to use every stud player playing on Saturdays.

Imagine your QB throwing for 500 yards and 6 scores? How about your RB dashing for 300 yards and 5 scores or a WR having 10 catches, 345 yards and 4 scores?

It is not impossible to build a 400 point scoring team.

I’m not exaggerating, this happens every weekend during the CFB season.

How do you find these players?  Simple, a little research always helps. If your a college football guy, you already know the players,  you already know who is playing who and when.

A simple trick I used last year was to check the Vegas lines, look for the lopsided lines (like a -40), look for the highest overs (like 63) and pick the stars from those games and teams. You can also check the prop bets for key players and use them to your advantage.

Do I make it sound too simple? Maybe, but the experts who set the lines in Vegas know what they are doing and handicap the games and scores in a very accurate manner.

To open the 2014 College Fantasy season, Draftkings has set up a few really Big Week One Contests to consider.

The $50K Bighouse

$200 Buy-in, top 55 finishers win cash and 1st place wins $10,000

The $40K Tailgate

$27 Buy-in, top 330 win cash, 1st place wins $10,000

The $10K Redshirt

$2 buy-in, top 1150 win cash, 1st place wins $1000

DraftKings will give you a 100% deposit Bonus plus free Entry into a cash contest, Like the $10K Redshirt.

Deposit Now and get a Free Entry

That’s not all, there are contests of all sizes and buy-ins to consider. Buy-ins as low as 25¢, $1, $2, $5 and up to $530.

Contests are available for 2 players, 3 players, 5, 10, 20 and larger field tournaments with guaranteed prize pools.

50/50 leagues, standard leagues and Satellites to larger contests.

There are even Satellites to the NFL Sunday Million (which runs on Sept. 7) starting that week on the CFB Lobby.

Check out the CFB scoring Details Here:


  • Rosters will consist of 9 players and must include players from at least 2 different NCAA teams, and representing at least 2 different real-life NCAA games.
  • $50,000 Salary Cap
  • The 9 roster positions are: QB, QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX (RB/WR/or TE).
  • Top scoring QB’s, RB and WR will command anywhere from $7K to $9K in salary, lessor known players and positions will  bottom out at $3K, and most players are in the $4 to $5K range.


  • Offensive players will accumulate points as follows:
    • Passing TD = +4PTs
    • 25 Passing Yards = +1PT (+0.04PT/ per yard is awarded)
    • 300+ Yard Passing Game = +3PTs
    • Interception = -1PT
    • 10 Rushing Yards = +1PT (+0.1PT per yard is awarded)
    • Rushing TD = +6PTs
    • 100+ Yard Rushing Game = +3PTs
    • 10 Receiving Yards = +1PT (+0.1PT per yard is awarded)
    • Reception = +1PT
    • Receiving TD = +6PTs
    • 100+ Yard Receiving Game = +3PTs
    • Punt/Kickoff Return for TD = +6PTs
    • Fumble Lost = -1PT

    No Defenses, No Place Kickers….just all the Big Point scoring Positions………..

    We always score big, How good can you be?

    That’s all you need to know, why wouldn’t you visit Draft Kings and sign-up now and start your CFB road to success…..

“Triple Up” on DraftKings

DraftKings has added a new Contest format for the 2014 NFL Fantasy Season.


If you think you are better than 70% of everyone you know who plays Fantasy Football, then DraftKings has a weekly game for you.

The Triple Ups are weekly contests where 30% of the contest field wins 3 times their contest buy-in.

DraftKings has Beginner and Regular versions of the Triple Ups.

Buy-ins:  Start at $1 and include $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100 buy-ins.

Player fields: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 300, 400, 500 and 600 players, these vary based on the buy-in.

Payouts:  30% of the field will win 3X the buy-in amount.

To win: You just need to beat out 70% of the field and you are in the Money.

Triple Ups are just another way that DraftKings has set you up, to use your Fantasy Football Fantasy skill and Make Money from a Fantasy.

The DraftKings NFL Fantasy lobby has hundreds of  cash paying games and contests, all waiting for you to view, review and join.

Make the 2014 Football season the year, you take yourself to a new personal Fantasy Football Height……

Triple Up sign up page on DraftKings

The NFL Fantasy Triple Up on DraftKings

Triple Ups on the NFL Lobby

Triple Ups on the DraftKings LobbySpecial DraftKings Week One Bonus Offer

Deposit Now and get a Free Entry

DraftKings Free “Paid” Fantasy Football Entry

Look what the Free entry on DraftKings can get you……..

If you don’t already know, that when you make any deposit on DraftKings you not only get the opportunity to get double your money with the 100% Deposit Bonus, you also get a free entry into any paid game ($2 value) offered on Draftkings.

Join Draft Kings Now

Join Draft Kings Now

On a $20 Deposit, that’s a instant 10% Bonus

Now, I know what you are thinking what can I get for a $2 entry?

More than you could imagine, plus you still have your initial deposit to play on any other Fantasy contests.

Just look for the Golden Ticket Icon on the Contest lobby after you sign-up, that will show you what your free play can get you. Your ticket is valid for all sports (NFL, MLB, NBA etc.)

Guaranteed NFL Contests

What do you think about having a shot at a $100K GTD payout fantasy football contest on the Week One Kick Off Bash?

A $10K GTD contest? A $5K GTD or a $1K GTD fantasy football contest on week one of the 2014 NFL season?

Here’s the NFL Contest lobby showing the Guaranteed NFL Contests.

When on the main lobby just click Sport: NFL, Click Advanced Filter, Check Free with ticket.

$2 Ticket NFL Contests

Think you could compete for even more?

There are plenty of satellites for larger buy-in events offered. Why not take a shot at any of the Sunday Million Satellites, or maybe you’ll want to play for a $100 ticket, there are even smaller $12 tickets up for grabs.

These pay the winners guaranteed tickets to any $200, $100 or $12 fantasy football contest of your choice.

Ten Times Bankroll Boosters

There are also what DraftKings refer to as 10X Boosters, these pay the winners 10X their buy-in, it is a great way to boost your account to get yourself in line for for some big money Fantasy football.

10 X Booster Contests
Just want to play a smaller, more classic fantasy league on Sundays?

Check out these 2 player, 5 player, 10 player, 12 player and 20 player leagues. These are a lot easier to win on and can be played as standard league where the top 3 players win cash on a 10 team league.

2 and 3 player leagues are winner take all, 5 player pay the top 2 finishers, 50/50 are where half the field wins 180% ($3.80 for a $2 buy-in) of the buy-in.

Step 1 leagues are the first of a 4 step series where you can progress one step at a time and the winner of Step 4 wins $200. You could even set-up your own challenge contest open to the public or invite your football buddies.

I blanked out the names of players who set up custom leagues on the image.

Regular Fantasy Football leagues on DraftKings

I forgot to mention the Week One $1000 free roll and the free rolls that DraftKings will offer all season long.

The selection contests offered for NFL Fantasy on DraftKings is endless, you’ll be joining the Ten’s of thousands of players who have discovered the ease of play and reliable payouts on DraftKings.

DraftKings has a fantasy contest to fill the needs of every player, every day, every week.

What are you waiting for?????  Draft your winning teams Now.…..


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