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  • Weekly Fantasy Football Leagues

    The Fantasy Football Playoff season is upon us,

    Many of us have had success this year, most fantasy players haven't.

    Injuries ruined many a team, bad bounces, suspensions and just plain bad luck has made most fantasy teams just contributors to playoff prize pools.

    But anyone who has missed their leagues playoffs still have a chance for Fantasy Glory this December.

    It's not too late, every one can still compete.

    Get yourself into the Fantasy Playoffs on DraftKings and win your share of the huge playoff prize pools.

    On DraftKings, you can start every player you want each week and can have that perfect line up each and every Sunday.

    That's where you can still salvage your fantasy season, use all your research and knowledge and play winning fantasy football in the playoffs and still win a Fantasy Championship.

  • DraftKings Fantasy Football

    Draft Kings Fantasy Football

  • FanDuel Fantasy Sports

Important note about the Jets – Bills Game

DraftKings has posted these Contest notes about the scheduled New York Jets at Buffalo Bills game this weekend.

As you know Buffalo, NY has been devastated by Snow, forcing the NFL to change the  location where and when the NYJ at BUF game will be played.

The NFL is currently determining that change of venue, maybe to Detroit or perhaps Toronto on Monday Night.

Late Thursday Update: This game has been rescheduled to Monday Night Nov. 24 at 7PM in Detroit.  Local TV in Buffalo and New York areas only.

See scenario #1 below for the Fantasy scoring impact on DraftKings.

Here are the rules that will be used on DraftKings regarding that game and the player eligibility.

From DraftKings.com:

Below are the implications of the postponement of the NY Jets at Buffalo Bills game in NFL Week 12.

1) If game is played on Monday, November 24th then stats from the NYJ at BUF game will count towards Sunday/Monday and Thursday through Monday Contests.
2) If game is played on Tuesday, November 25th or later then stats from the NYJ at BUF game will not count towards Sunday/Monday and Thursday through Monday Contests.
3) If game is played on Sunday, November 23rd then stats from the NYJ at BUF game will count towards Sunday/Monday and Thursday through Monday contests.


You will be able to use late swap up until the scheduled start time of the game. For example, if the NFL moves the NYJ@BUF game to Monday at 5 PM ET, you will be able to use late swap for players in that game until Monday at 5 PM ET for Sunday/Monday and Thursday-Monday contests.

- See more at: http://playbook.draftkings.com/nflpostpone/#sthash.J8KJIPXM.dpuf

Thanksgiving Day Fantasy Football

Monday Nov. 24, 2014 Update: Be sure to Click Here to get a $20 free entry to the Wishbone Classic with any deposit ($5 Minimum) on DraftKings (expires at 12:30PM ET on 11/27/2014).

The $600K Wishbone Classic

Everybody loves Thanksgiving and the Holidays, Wishbone Classic on DraftKingswhat could be better than Family, Friends, Turkey and Football?

Well, this coming Turkey Day Nov. 27, 2014 now has one more reason to celebrate.

The $600,000 Fantasy Football Wishbone Classic on DraftKings.

Watching football has always been a holiday tradition, why not make your football viewing even more interesting from a Fantasy perspective?

Why not have a rooting interest in all 3 scheduled games?

All 3 NFL Thanksgiving games will be on Free TV (no NFL Network this year).

The Wishbone Classic will include these NFL 3 games:

CHI at DET 12:30PM ET, PHIL at DAL 4:30PM ET and SEA at SF 8:30PM ET

All 3 of these games should be high fantasy scoring games, they are all great NFC rivals and important divisional match-ups.

All NFL fans from the East Coast, Midwest and West Coast definitely have interest in these games and the entire country will be watching.

Players that I’m personally looking at for the Thanksgiving games include:

M Stafford DET QB, T Romo DAL QB, C Johnson DET WR, B Marshall CHI WR, D Bryant DAL WR, J Matthews PHI WR, M Forte CHI RB, D Murray DAL RB and the DET DST

Entry to the Wishbone Classic is just $20 ($2 and $5 satellites will be available). There is a $600,000 guaranteed prize pool, multiple entries are available and over 8100 places will be paid.  Play it for Free here

A top ten finish is worth at least $1000 with 1st place winning $100K , 2nd place $40K, 3rd place $25K, 4th place $15K, 5th place $10K.

The minimum overall payout is $40, so that means about 1 player in 6 will double their money.

There is no better way to put up $20 on your fantasy knowledge and you’ll know exactly what you won that night.

You might even consider letting your friends and family know about the Wishbone Classic and get a few players together (they can all play for free), get everyone involved and have Fantasy Football viewing party on your Thanksgiving.

Be sure to Click Here to get a $20 free entry to the Wishbone Classic with any deposit on DraftKings (expires at 12:30PM ET on 11/27/2014).

Winners of the Wishbone Classic will be able to collect their winnings on Black Friday morning and a $100,000 fantasy win on Thanksgiving could be a really nice boost to your Holidays.

The Fantasy winning doesn’t end on Thanksgiving on DraftKings, check out what they have scheduled for the December Football Playoffs.


Fantasy Football Playoffs

How are your chances for making the playoffs on your Fantasy League?

Are you leading the way as you roll thruFantasy Football Playoffs on DraftKings your league?

Or are you just floundering and hoping to barely squeak your way in?

Maybe your just playing out the season because you have no chance?

I personally have one team at 9-2 tied for 1st, one team in 2nd place team at 7-3 and 2 other teams that were just decimated by injuries

I still have some hope for a championship on at least one of my season long leagues.

If you are in a bad playoff position in your league or even no hope for a chance, you can take part in the Ultimate 3 weeks of Fantasy Football Championships on DraftKings.

During weeks 15, 16 and 17 (the normal fantasy playoff weeks) DraftKings is holding their 2014 Championship Events.

$10 million is on the table for every football fan to vie for and to get their share of.

Buy-ins for your chances at Fantasy Millions start as low as 25¢, $2, $5 and can be worth up to $1 Million Dollars for that perfect line-up…..

You can enter any of these playoff championships on Draftkings.com by clicking the World Championship tab now and reserving your spot(s). Multiple entries are allowed, so why not use your Fantasy Knowledge to your advantage?

Week 15 Championships

Sunday December 14th, 1PM ET start

$300K Hot Route $100 entry, $50K to the winner, multi-entry, $12 satellites available

$25K Quarter Arcade 25¢ entry, $2000 to the winner, multi-entry, no satellites (come on, it’s a quarter, play 40 teams for $10)

$3 Millionaire Maker $27 entry, $1 Million Dollars to the winner,  multi-entry, $2 satellites available

Week 16 Championships

Sunday December 21st,  1PM ET start

$400K Flea Flicker $5 entry, multi-entry, $50K to the winner, No satellites

$1 Million Dollar Chop Block $50 entry, multi-entry, $100K to the winner, $5 satellites available

Week 16 $3.1 Million Main Event $1500 entry, multi-entry, $1 Million dollars to the winner, $5 and $12 satellites available

Week 17 Championships

Sunday December 28th, 1PM ET start

$250K Play Action $2 entry, $25,000 to winner, multi-entry, No Satellites (it’s only $2, play 10 or more teams). You can get free entry to this playoff championship for just Depositing on DraftKings

$500K Hail Mary $12 entry, $100K to winner, multi-entry, 25¢ satellites available.

$2 Million Dollar TD Championship $200 entry, $250K to winner, multi-entry, $22 satellites available.

If you don’t already know, DraftKings uses a Salary cap format, standard scoring and every week is a new season with every player available for your team with scoring that is extremely competitive.

DraftKings Fantasy Football Scoring and rules

Your Questions about DraftKings answered

2014 Championships on DraftKings

Daily College Basketball Fantasy on DraftKings

The NCAA Mens Basketball Season kicks with a bang on Friday November 14, 2014

DraftKings will have a full schedule of dailyBasketball Fantasy leagues and Contests every night of the College Basketball season.

DraftKings CBB Scoring and Rules:

  • Daily Leagues will run every night there is at least 2 or more NCAA games scheduled.
  • Conferences used include: AAC, ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC and PAC 12.
  • Fantasy line ups consist of 8 players.
  • You have a $50,000 salary cap to set your line up.
  • Player salaries range from $10K down to $3K
  • Positions used: G, G, G, F, F, F, Util, Util.
  • 1pt scored = 1, 3 pt shot made= .5 Pt., REB= 1.25 Pt., AST=1.5 Pt., Double Double= 1.5 Pt., Triple Double= 3 Pts.
  • You must use players from 2 different teams from 2 different games.
  • Entry to leagues /Player switches close at 1 minute before players game first tip.
  • Live scoring while all games are playing is included.
  • Draft Room includes: OPRK which is rank of opposing team against that players position, complete list of NCAA games included, complete list of all available players, clicking players name will bring up player news and complete stats.
  • Contest Stats are finalized after last game of day or that contests last game is completed.
  • Winners payouts will be completed by next morning.
  • STATS LLC is official scorer.

CBB Draft Room

CBB Draft Lobby on DraftKings

CBB Contests on DraftKings include buy-ins as low as 25¢, $1, $2 and higher.

Various contest formats include Guaranteed payout contests, heads up challenges, Satellites to major events, double and triple ups.

CBB Contest Lobby

CBB Contest Lobby

There will be plenty of Guaranteed Payout Events during the season and special March Madness contests to play yourself into for the really Big Payouts in 2015.

DraftKings has paid out Millions of dollars to Winning Fantasy players this year, will you be the next Fantasy Millionaire?

If you join DraftKings now, you’ll get free entry into a paid contest and can earn 100% of you deposit back in Bonus Cash.


$100K NFL Fantasy Free Roll on DraftKings

DraftKings is putting up a $100,000 Free Roll this Sunday……..

That’s right a Free $100,000 Fantasy FootballFantasy Football Cash Contest.

No restrictions, No Password, No deposit needed, everyone is invited………..

No other DFS would even think of making such an offer.

Just sign up here and you can draft your team today, what are you waiting for??????????

DraftKings is holding this Player Appreciation free roll to celebrate their players success and the fantastic response to the 2014 weekly fantasy football season on DraftKings.

I would guess there will be at least 100,000 players entered, figure on 170 points as enough to win some cash.

There will be 15K winners paid so on average about 1 player in 6 will win something.

Free Roll Details:

November 16, 2014  /  1PM ET Start time

Line-ups must be in at 12:55PM ET to play.

Completely Free Entry, a total of 15350 places will be paid out.

$10K to the winner, $1K to 2nd place, $500 to 3rd, top 10 win at least $100.

Almost 3000 finishers will win at least $10 and 1350 players win will $20.

All in all the Minimum win will be $2

Complete DraftKings Fantasy Football rules and scoring

Strategy for Stacking your DraftKings line ups

$100K Free Roll Lobby

If you’ve been looking for a reason to try DraftKings, I think this could be a really good reason, don’t you?

DraftKings has a complete lineup of weekly NFL Fantasy Contests every week.

Draft a NHL Team Now

DraftKings signs Fantasy Deal with Patriots

DraftKings hits the Field with New England Patriots

I found this article last night……

Boston Globe on Patriots-DraftKings

DraftKings already has a similar deal with the MLB as the official Mini Fantasy site of the Major Leagues.

DraftKings has been adding fantasy players to their player ranks in record numbers this year and has even been able to run 1 week fantasy football contests awarding $1 Million Dollars to the winner the last couple of weeks.

This deal should open the door for more NFL franchises to seek similar deals and even more exposure for DraftKings.


Daily Fantasy NBA leagues are posted on DraftKings

DraftKings has posted their Fantasy NBA Leagues and Contests

The NBA season is starting in just 10 days,Win Millions this NBA Season preseason games are playing now and it’s time for fantasy players to start finalizing their plans and preparations for the 2014 season.

Get ready for all the action, everyday on DraftKings and start winning real money using your knowledge of the NBA. Play today, win tonight and collect your winnings tomorrow.

Opening Tip Off Events on October 28th and 29th include the $27 buy-in $400K Crossover, $12 buy-in $100K Pick and Roll and the $50K Lay-up that you’ll get a free entry to when you sign up to DraftKings Today…….

Here’s the complete listing of opening night NBA Fantasy events

NBA Fantasy Events

DraftKings will also have a complete schedule of 2014 Daily Fantasy Basketball contests.

NBA Fantasy Lobby

NBA Fantasy Lobby

League and Contests are 2, 3, 5, 10 players and larger.

League buy-ins starting at 25¢, $1, $2 and larger.

New contests and special events will be added daily as the season gets rolling in November.

There are no season long commitments, no rosters to manage, you build a new team every night and can take advantage of every NBA game and player match-ups that same day, your not restricted on who you want to start like a season league.

Here are the complete rules and scoring for NBA Fantasy on DraftKings.

Opening night player salaries are listed and will not change until after the NBA starts the season.

Daily Draft Options

Choose from Every Player, from every NBA game that day is available for your team.

Player salaries will change as the season progresses and player values will increase or decrease as their play or daily match-up  dictates.

OPRK: Opposition Position Rank Against. This shows how that players opponent ranks against that players position. Green is a outstanding match-up, black is a average match-up and Red is bad match-up.

NBA games listed are all games included for that particular night fantasy leagues and contests. Click a game and you will see all the players available that night.

Click Depth Chart and you’ll see how each teams rosters compare, by position and current salary.

2014  NBA DraftRoom

NBA Tip off Draft Room on DraftKings

NBA Depth Chart

NBA Depth Chart

Become a player now and get free entry to a paid league when you get started.


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