“Triple Up” on DraftKings

DraftKings has added a new Contest format for the 2014 NFL Fantasy Season.


If you think you are better than 70% of everyone you know who plays Fantasy Football, then DraftKings has a weekly game for you.

The Triple Ups are weekly contests where 30% of the contest field wins 3 times their contest buy-in.

DraftKings has Beginner and Regular versions of the Triple Ups.

Buy-ins:  Start at $1 and include $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100 buy-ins.

Player fields: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 300, 400, 500 and 600 players, these vary based on the buy-in.

Payouts:  30% of the field will win 3X the buy-in amount.

To win: You just need to beat out 70% of the field and you are in the Money.

Triple Ups are just another way that DraftKings has set you up, to use your Fantasy Football Fantasy skill and Make Money from a Fantasy.

The DraftKings NFL Fantasy lobby has hundreds of  cash paying games and contests, all waiting for you to view, review and join.

Make the 2014 Football season the year, you take yourself to a new personal Fantasy Football Height……

Triple Up sign up page on DraftKings

The NFL Fantasy Triple Up on DraftKings

Triple Ups on the NFL Lobby

Triple Ups on the DraftKings LobbySpecial DraftKings Week One Bonus Offer

Deposit Now and get a Free Entry

DraftKings Free “Paid” Fantasy Football Entry

Look what the Free entry on DraftKings can get you……..

If you don’t already know, that when you make any deposit on DraftKings you not only get the opportunity to get double your money with the 100% Deposit Bonus, you also get a free entry into any paid game ($2 value) offered on Draftkings.

Join Draft Kings Now

Join Draft Kings Now

On a $20 Deposit, that’s a instant 10% Bonus

Now, I know what you are thinking what can I get for a $2 entry?

More than you could imagine, plus you still have your initial deposit to play on any other Fantasy contests.

Just look for the Golden Ticket Icon on the Contest lobby after you sign-up, that will show you what your free play can get you. Your ticket is valid for all sports (NFL, MLB, NBA etc.)

Guaranteed NFL Contests

What do you think about having a shot at a $100K GTD payout fantasy football contest on the Week One Kick Off Bash?

A $10K GTD contest? A $5K GTD or a $1K GTD fantasy football contest on week one of the 2014 NFL season?

Here’s the NFL Contest lobby showing the Guaranteed NFL Contests.

When on the main lobby just click Sport: NFL, Click Advanced Filter, Check Free with ticket.

$2 Ticket NFL Contests

Think you could compete for even more?

There are plenty of satellites for larger buy-in events offered. Why not take a shot at any of the Sunday Million Satellites, or maybe you’ll want to play for a $100 ticket, there are even smaller $12 tickets up for grabs.

These pay the winners guaranteed tickets to any $200, $100 or $12 fantasy football contest of your choice.

Ten Times Bankroll Boosters

There are also what DraftKings refer to as 10X Boosters, these pay the winners 10X their buy-in, it is a great way to boost your account to get yourself in line for for some big money Fantasy football.

10 X Booster Contests
Just want to play a smaller, more classic fantasy league on Sundays?

Check out these 2 player, 5 player, 10 player, 12 player and 20 player leagues. These are a lot easier to win on and can be played as standard league where the top 3 players win cash on a 10 team league.

2 and 3 player leagues are winner take all, 5 player pay the top 2 finishers, 50/50 are where half the field wins 180% ($3.80 for a $2 buy-in) of the buy-in.

Step 1 leagues are the first of a 4 step series where you can progress one step at a time and the winner of Step 4 wins $200. You could even set-up your own challenge contest open to the public or invite your football buddies.

I blanked out the names of players who set up custom leagues on the image.

Regular Fantasy Football leagues on DraftKings

I forgot to mention the Week One $1000 free roll and the free rolls that DraftKings will offer all season long.

The selection contests offered for NFL Fantasy on DraftKings is endless, you’ll be joining the Ten’s of thousands of players who have discovered the ease of play and reliable payouts on DraftKings.

DraftKings has a fantasy contest to fill the needs of every player, every day, every week.

What are you waiting for?????  Draft your winning teams Now.…..

$1000 NFL Fantasy Free Roll

Want to try DraftKings Fantasy Football for Free?

Join Now and register for the NFL $1K Freeroll.

The $1000 Freeroll kicks off on September 7, 2014 at 1PM ET

Single entry only, $50K Salary Cap, 9 man roster (DraftKings NFL scoring)

You will find the free roll on the Main NFL contest lobby highlighted in Red

There are multiple free rolls offered every Sunday, Early, Late and Primetime.

Look for all the NFL Freerolls offering free tickets to Cash paying games.

Use Bonus Code: USALegal to get a 100% Bonus (up to $600)

The top 247 finishers will win Cash and Contest entries.

1st     NFL $1,000,000 Kickoff Million Ticket ($200 entry)
2nd     $50.00
3rd     $35.00
4th     $25.00
5th – 7th     $20.00
8th – 11th     $15.00
12th – 17th     $10.00
18th – 27th     $5.00
28th – 47th     $3.00
48th – 247th     Step 1 Ticket ($2 value)

Want more than a Free Roll?

Draftkings has a great selection of 25¢, $1, $2 and $5 Fantasy Football Contests. All have guaranteed prize pools into the thousands, including the $2 buy-in – $100K Play Action

Just visit the DraftKings main lobby and click the NFL tab, you’ll see hundreds of other contest options.

$1 entry contests like the $3K Beginner, NFL $5K Mini, and the NFL $15K Daily Dollar are perfect to get your feet wet on DraftKings.

Deposit Now and get a Free Entry

25¢ to $5 entry NFL Contest Lobby

25c to $5 NFL Contests


DraftKings Week One Fantasy Football Contests

NFL Week One Special Events on DraftKings

Draftkings has posted their Week One Fantasy Football Promos and Wow,  do they have a Kick Off weekend planned for us Fantasy Football Fans

Draftkings Football Week One

Featuring a 1 Million Dollar Guarantee to kick off the 2014 NFL season, Draftkings has a contest to make everyone have a chance at some life changing money.

NFL Sunday Million — $1 Million GTD in Prizes, $100K to winner,  top 1110 finishers win cash, $200 entry.

NFL $500K Gridiron — $500K in GTD Prizes, $100K to winner,  top 4200 finishers win cash, $27 entry.

$100K Hailmary — $100K GTD prize pool, $10K to the winner, top 2000 finishers win cash, $12 entry.

$100K Play Action — $100K in GTD prizes, $10K to winner, top 10000 finishers win cash, only a $2 entry

Deposit Now and get a 100% Bonus and a Free Entry

Those aren’t the only games, Draft Kings has a full schedule of week one contests and leagues to fit everyone’s budget and skill level. There are 25¢, $1, $2, $5 and up to $530 and $1060 leagues to join.

Featured: The $10K Quarter Arcade — Only 25¢ to play, $500 to the winner, $10,000 in guaranteed prizes, top 10,000 finishers win cash.

DraftKings NFL Lobby

DK Fantasy Football lobby

Draftkings Draft Room  (new draft aid: OPRK-opposition rank vs position)

DraftKings 2014 Draft Room

DraftKings is set up for a Huge 2014 Fantasy Football Season.

Imagine a football season where you can play week to week, only when you want, not have to worry about pick ups and drops, player injuries, player suspensions, unfair trades, sore losers or any of those other annoyances that can ruin your fantasy team.

You play who you want each week and can have that perfect line up every Sunday.

DraftKings Football Scoring  /  DraftKings Details and Review  /  DK Mobile

Make the 2014 NFL season, the year you can Make Money from a Fantasy.

Start your Season Now......


Shake-up in the Daily Play Fantasy World

July 15, 2014

DraftKings buys Draftstreet

The world of Daily Play Fantasy Sites is a lot different today than it was 24 hours ago……..

Join Draft Kings Now

Join Draft Kings Now

It was announced that DraftKings the 2nd largest DFS has acquired DraftStreet the 3rd largest DFS.

What does this mean to players?

It means now when you play your favorite Fantasy  sport on DraftKings, be it MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL or PGA Fantasy, you will playing on what many think is now the Biggest DPF Site available.

Draftkings will now be able to offer the most leagues, the most variety, offer the Largest Prize pools, League and tournament payouts and give everyone a better chance to Make some Real Money playing Fantasy Sports.

Now is the time to start your Money Making Fantasy, check out the complete review and Details of DraftKings Here.

Here are the announcements from the CEO’s of DraftStreet and DraftKings:

DraftStreet CEO Brian Schwartz

As of today, we are very pleased to announce that DraftStreet has been acquired by DraftKings, a fellow leader in daily fantasy sports. DraftStreet has been an overwhelming success, surpassing all of our expectations when we started the business, and we owe that to you, our loyal players.

Now that we’ve combined forces, all players from both sites will begin to reap the benefits of bigger games and better prizes, as well as our continued dedication to bringing new innovations and game offerings to the table. Many of you may be familiar with DraftKings, so you already know both sites have plenty to offer, and we believe that combining all the best features of each will result in a great experience for all our players.

Rest assured that we’ll make your transition as simple as possible – you’ll be able to easily transfer all of your funds to a new or existing DraftKings account in a few quick steps. Additionally, DraftKings will provide up to a 100% Balance Transfer Bonus so get started by clicking below! 

DraftKings CEO Jason Robins.

We are very pleased to announce that we have acquired DraftStreet as part of our long-term vision of continuing to bring our loyal customers the very best in daily fantasy sports.

Many of you may have been playing on DraftStreet as well as our site, and you should rest assured knowing that we’ll make it as easy as possible to combine your two accounts.

Both DraftStreet and DraftKings have been, and remain, grateful for the support of those fantasy players who have chosen us over the years. And now, by combining all of the best features from each of our sites, our aim is to create the best possible experience for anyone who visits our site or opens our app.

The best is yet to come!
What’s Next?
1.     Start by transferring your DraftStreet balance into your DraftKings account to access your money and claim your transfer bonus.
2.     Visit our FAQs if you have any questions about the DraftStreet acquisition.
3.     If any questions are not addressed or you need any additional assistance, feel free to reach out: support@draftkings.com.

Most importantly, enjoy your contests!

Transferring your account:

Read the letter from DraftStreet CEO Brian Schwartz and DraftKings CEO Jason Robins then transfer your Draftstreet account to DraftKings.

The transfer of accounts is just a matter of a few clicks, I did it in about 30 seconds and got credit for my cash balance and player points instantly added to my DraftKings account.

I have to give credit to both parties, they have made this transition a smooth easy to follow procedure….

Here is a look at the Account Transfer Wizard page:

Just follow the easy steps to a smooth transfer.

Just follow the easy steps to a smooth transfer.


DraftKings Update:

DraftKings has added a few New Features for 2014

DraftKings your #1 destination for Daily Fantasy Play.

100% Deposit Bonus on Draftkings

100% Deposit Bonus on DraftKings

DraftKings has announced a few upgrades and new features in 2014 for their players.

On DraftKings you play a one day fantasy lineup, you draft today, play tonight and collect your winnings that same night.

Check out our Review of DraftKings Here.

New Features on DraftKings

  • Depth Charts! See every depth chart/roster for each individual teams and add players directly from that screen. Now you can see where a player stands as far as his role, you no longer need to do the research on every teams roster,  DraftKings has done the work for you. This is especially handy for NBA and NHL fantasy play, where minutes played and player rotation mean points scored.

  • Reserve your Seat: Contest about to fill? Reserve your seats to that special contest without selecting a team! The most popular contests on DraftKings fill fast, especially the Guaranteed Leagues. This is especially helpful when you want to make sure you are in a fantasy contest but don’t have the time right now to build a winning team or you just need a little more time to do your research.

  • DraftKings Mobile App Version 1.1 is now live and available in the apple store. Download now! This app will allow you to make late minute roster changes. How many times have you heard player reports on the radio right before game time or didn’t have time to get on DraftKings to make your changes before you left? Now you have DraftKings available to you at your finger tips, anytime, any where. You’ll also be able to monitor your teams success with live scoring and current standings direct from the DraftKings scoreboard from anywhere you are with no problem.

Upcoming Contests on DraftKings

  • NHL Hat Trick – January 21, 2014 – $30,000 Prize Pool

  • NBA Buzzer Beater – January 29, 2014 – $200,000 Prize Pool

  • Bank Shot – March 26, 2014 – $1,000,000 Prize Pool

DarftKings $1Million Bank Shot

Win A WPT Main Event Seat

Turn $2 into a VIP World Poker Tour Package Playing Fantasy Football

DraftKings.com, the #1 destination for dailyDraftKings 100% Deposit Bonus fantasy sports on the Internet, is providing ClubWPT members with a unique and alternative shot at poker glory.

Sign up at DraftKings.com today for your chance to win a VIP package to the Winter Poker Open at Borgata!

For a limited time, deposit on Draftkings and claim a free entry to a WPT Satellite Qualifier.
Take advantage of this exclusive offer today.

DraftKings offers the best assortment of daily play and one week only fantasy sports.  On DraftKings, you draft a new team every time you play using the daily match-ups as your guide.

Contests on DraftKings range from 2, 5, 10 player and larger leagues with buy-ins starting as low as $1 to test your fantasy knowledge.

Tens of thousands of players have made daily Fantasy Sports the new way to play fantasy sports online.

ClubWPT awards a live entry to a WPT Main Event every month, value of these entries range from $5000 to $12,000.  Tournament seat packages on ClubWPT that include accommodations, travel allowances and more.

ClubWPT members also have the chance to play at hundreds of poker tournaments every week that pay over a $100,000  in Poker Tournament Cash,  Live WPT Seats and other prizes each and every month on ClubWPT

Learn more about ClubWPT Online Poker Here

Learn more about DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports Here


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