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  • Weekly Fantasy Football Leagues

    The NFL Season is here.

    By now you have long been done with your research and have drafted your season long team.

    Are you really happy with the team you drafted? Most players are, until reality sets in and they realize that their team just isn't what they expected.

    Imagine a fantasy football season where you can play week to week, only when you want to. Not having to worry about pick ups and drops, player injuries, players not playing up to expectations, player suspensions, unfair trades, sore losers or any of those other annoyances that can ruin your fantasy team and season.

    On DraftKings, you can start every player you want each week and can have that perfect line up each and every Sunday.

    That's where you can still salvage your fantasy season, use all your research and knowledge and play winning fantasy football every week and still win money

  • DraftKings Fantasy Football

    Draft Kings Fantasy Football

  • FanDuel Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy NBA leagues are posted on DraftKings

DraftKings has posted their Fantasy NBA Leagues and Contests

The NBA season is starting in just 10 days,Win Millions this NBA Season preseason games are playing now and it’s time for fantasy players to start finalizing their plans and preparations for the 2014 season.

Get ready for all the action, everyday on DraftKings and start winning real money using your knowledge of the NBA. Play today, win tonight and collect your winnings tomorrow.

Opening Tip Off Events on October 28th and 29th include the $27 buy-in $400K Crossover, $12 buy-in $100K Pick and Roll and the $50K Lay-up that you’ll get a free entry to when you sign up to DraftKings Today…….

Here’s the complete listing of opening night NBA Fantasy events

NBA Fantasy Events

DraftKings will also have a complete schedule of 2014 Daily Fantasy Basketball contests.

NBA Fantasy Lobby

NBA Fantasy Lobby

League and Contests are 2, 3, 5, 10 players and larger.

League buy-ins starting at 25¢, $1, $2 and larger.

New contests and special events will be added daily as the season gets rolling in November.

There are no season long commitments, no rosters to manage, you build a new team every night and can take advantage of every NBA game and player match-ups that same day, your not restricted on who you want to start like a season league.

Here are the complete rules and scoring for NBA Fantasy on DraftKings.

Opening night player salaries are listed and will not change until after the NBA starts the season.

Daily Draft Options

Choose from Every Player, from every NBA game that day is available for your team.

Player salaries will change as the season progresses and player values will increase or decrease as their play or daily match-up  dictates.

OPRK: Opposition Position Rank Against. This shows how that players opponent ranks against that players position. Green is a outstanding match-up, black is a average match-up and Red is bad match-up.

NBA games listed are all games included for that particular night fantasy leagues and contests. Click a game and you will see all the players available that night.

Click Depth Chart and you’ll see how each teams rosters compare, by position and current salary.

2014  NBA DraftRoom

NBA Tip off Draft Room on DraftKings

NBA Depth Chart

NBA Depth Chart

Become a player now and get free entry to a paid league when you get started.

Want to win $1 Million on Fantasy Football?

DraftKings is offering you that opportunity……

If you had played on the Week 6,  $2.2 Million Guaranteed ($27 buy-in)  and had this line-up on DraftKings, you’d have won $1 Million Dollars…………….

Millionaire Maker winning team

I wasn’t close in week 6. But I know that next week,  my $27 entry will give me a chance at winning what every fantasy player dreams of…….

The Perfect Line up from Week 6 on DraftKings

Week Six Perfect Line-up on DraftKings

Week 7 $2.2 Million Millionaire Maker payouts

You don’t even have to finish first on the Millionaire Maker to make some nice money, check out the top 50 finisher payouts on the Millionaire Maker.

Top 50 payouts on the Millionaire Maker

Give me a top 50 finish, I’ll be happy, wouldn’t you?

There will be 92,400 players on next weeks Millionaire Maker and there will be 15,500 paid places. That means about every sixth player will almost double their buy-in.

Payouts beyond 50th on the Millionaire Maker

A simple finish in the top 5000 or better will more than double your money.

Even a $40 payout is a nice return for a few minutes of your draft time……

The next $2.2 Million Dollar Fantasy Football Contest on Draft Kings will be starting at 1PM ET on Sunday October, 19, 2014

Millionaire Maker on DraftKings

Millionaire Maker “Part 2″

The DraftKings Millionaire Maker on October 5th was a huge Success…….

So successful, that DraftKings has added another $2.2 Million dollar guarantee for the October 12th Games.

$27 Millionaire Maker 2

For just a $27 entry(and you can play a unlimited total of teams) you’ll have an opportunity to win $1 Million Dollars for a simple Fantasy Football Sunday win.

You don’t even have to beat everyone to be a big winner, just finish in the top 50 players and you’ll get at least a $1000 pay-out.

Finish in the top 100 win $500, in the top 200 win $300, in the top 500 win $150 cash……….

In total, the top 15,500 finishers will win at least $40…….that’s about 1 player in 6 winning Cash, for a fantasy football team……..

DraftKings uses a Salary Cap Format, so every one who plays on the Millionaire Maker II can build a winner from every player available player in week 6 of the NFL Season.

Deposit Now and get a Free Entry

The NHL is now live on DraftKings

DraftKings has opened up their 2014/2015 NHL Fantasy Season

NHL Hockey will be Facing Off on October 8, 2014 $30K Return to the Ice on Draftkingsand there will be a full slate of nightly NHL Fantasy Leagues and Contests available.

On DraftKings, you can make your line changes daily and have a fresh new team going for you every night.

No season long commitment here, just play when you want, play whenever you like the match-ups on the ice.

Just click NHL (on the sport filter) on the main lobby to get the complete schedule. Once the season gets rolling, there will be thousands of leagues to choose from every week.

DraftKings uses a salary cap format and standard fantasy hockey scoring.

  Draftkings NHL Scoring and Rules.

To celebrate the opening of the 2014/2015 NHL Season, Draftkings is featuring these guaranteed events:

$30,000 Return to the Ice Contest

Thursday October 9, 2014 7PM ET Start

$12 entry, 2850 player max, multiple entry,

1st place wins $5,000, 2nd=$3000, 3rd=$1500, 4th=$750 5th=$600

  570 places will pay cash

Other Guaranteed NHL Contests now open:

$10K Face Off $27 entry, 1st=$2000, 85 winners

$5K Poke Check $5 entry, 1st=$1000, 180 winners

$5K Sniper $2 entry, 1st= $500, 600 winners

Get started on DraftKings with 100% Bonus and Free cash game entry

NHL Events on DraftKings

Use your knowledge of the league to grind out a profit every night.

For all you Fantasy Hockey players who follow the NHL nightly, there are plenty of 2, 3, 6, 10, 11, 22, 24 and 57 team leagues open every night the NHL plays.

League Buy-ins start as low as $1, $2 and $5.

Formats include standard leagues, 50/50′s, triple-ups, 10X boosters and 4 Step series where you can start with $2 and win $200 on Step 4.

DraftKings gives you everything you need to win.

The DraftKings 2014 Hockey Draft Rooms include detailed NHL Team Depth Charts, Opponent Rankings and Complete Player News and Stats to guide your line-up decisions.

Make sure you check out the DK Playbook as the season progresses and DKTV for more Strategy and NHL insights.

DraftKings Draft Room and Top Salaried Players

Draft a NHL Team Now

DraftKings to feature Fantasy Soccer

DraftKings Kicks Off Fantasy Soccer on Saturday Sept. 20th

DraftKings has added a full schedule of Daily Fantasy DraftKings Daily Fantasy SoccerSoccer Leagues and Contests that will offer some of the largest prize pools seen by fantasy soccer players.

Games start at 10AM ET on Saturday September 20, 2014

Daily Contests will feature English Premier League and UEFA Champions League games and like all other daily fantasy games on Draftkings, you play today, win today and can collect your winnings tomorrow.

Complete DraftKing Soccer Scoring and Details

The Saturday’s Line up of Soccer Events

$1K GTD Corner Kick $5 entry

$3K GTD Stoppage Time $12 entry

$10K GTD Nutmeg $2 entry

$50K GTD Equalizer $27 entry

$250 GTD Daily Dollar $1 entry

$250 GTD Quarter Arcade 25¢ entry

All of these are in addition to the popular DraftKings fantasy formats like 50/50′s, multipliers, traditional leagues, steps contests and beginner formats

Draft a team Now

Primetime Football on DraftKings.com

DraftKings Primetime Fantasy Football Contests

DraftKings has a large schedule of fantasy leaguesDraftKings 100% Deposit Bonus that only use the Sunday and Monday night games for its player pools.

This works out well for fantasy players who won’t be able to watch the happenings on Sunday afternoon or always make the Sunday or Monday night game a party experience.

You could even set up a Private League on DraftKings for just you and your friends to make your football viewing party complete every week. Your private, Primetime league can give friends and fans the chance to see every play, every player they use and cheer themselves to fantasy victory.

When your favorite team is playing on Sunday or Monday night football, you can concentrate your efforts just on their game and watch their match up and have your all fantasy interests included.

These primetime contests will limit your player choices but will give you a chance to find that super sleeper that can put your team over the top.

The Primetime selection of leagues and contests include everything DraftKings offers a variety of buy-ins, small to large league sizes, tournaments, guarantees and satellites.

Primetime Contest Lobby

PrimeTime Games on DraftKings

How much does it cost to play on DraftKings?

How Much does it Cost to play on DraftKings?

I have received that question 10 times in the last 3 days on my e-mail.

(e-mail me, Robert Alan at usalegalonlinepoker@gmail.com with any DraftKings  questions).

On DraftKings it will take as little as $10 to start playing. The Quarter Arcade

If you more confident kind of fantasy player, any size deposit is good.

All new users will get a 100% bonus plus a free entry to a free paid cash game on DraftKings when you deposit.

$10 is more than enough to start playing weekly Fantasy Football on their Quarter Arcade games and you can be sure that your account is safe and secure.

If you go with just a $20 to $30 deposit, the $1 and $2 contests are perfect. This will give you plenty of entries and a chance to make your weekly player selection process take hold.

A $5o starting amount will be a comfortable amount to start on the $3 to $5 contests.

Our Basic Advice and Strategy  has more on game selection and bankroll management.

There are also free games you can try like the $1000 Week one Free Roll.

The Quarter Arcade Contests offer all the excitement and challenge of fantasy football at a price everyone can afford.

Prize pools on the Quarter Arcade Contests have up to $10K in Guaranteed prize pools and award the 1st place finishers up to $500

$1 entry Contests like the Daily Dollar offer prize pools of $750  to $3000

$2 entry Contests have prize pools of $10K to $100K (you get a free ticket for any $2 game with any size deposit)

DraftKings has a very reasonable fee structure, almost all contests only charge 10% or less of the total buy-ins as their share of the action.

For example: On a $1 league buy-in, 90¢ from each player will go directly to the prize pool and DraftKings will collect their 10¢ fee. In this example a 10 player league will have a $9 prize pool to pay the winners.

DraftKings accepts all major Credit Cards and Pay Pal.

Are you in for Week One?.


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