Sunday December 9 NFL Lineup for DraftKings $1000 Free Roll

Draft Kings $1K Free Roll Line up (Dec. 9, 2012)

Every Sunday Draft Kings has a $1000 NFL Fantasy Free Roll, the top 400 finishers win Cash and Tournament tickets, here is the Line Up I am going with, this Sunday.

NFL Fantasy Line Up Dec 9 2012

Alshon Jeffery is our only question, he is suppose to be available…we will see!

On Sunday, Draft Kings will also have a $5 NFL Low Open which is a $4000 GTD tournament with 888 total entries,  a $5 buy-in and has 150 total winners, I haven’t decided yet, but I just might put this line up in to see how we do.

$5 $4K GTD NFL Tournament

$1000 NBA Fantasy Tournament for only $2?

$2 buy-in 1K GTD NBA Tournament

100x Your $2 Investment

Draft Kings offers a $2 Buy-in $1K Bankroll Booster NBA Tournament

Look for the Bankroll Booster on the Main Lobby

This is a $2 buy-in,  $1000 Guaranteed Pay Out, 575 player league that pays the Top 100 finishers.

Draft Kings offers a full range of Daily NBA Fantasy Leagues, play today-win today-collect today.

Deposit as little as $25 and get a 100% Deposit Bonus (up to $600 total)

Visit Draft Kings and play tonight!

Best Dec. 5th NBA Fantasy Starting Lineup

Best line Up for Dec 5 Daily NBA Fantasy Leagues

Use this NBA Line Up Tonight!

Here is what I consider the Best Possible Starting Line Up for the Wednesday December 5, 2012 Daily NBA Fantasy Play on Draft Kings.

This is the exact line up I am using tonight, feel free to use this against me, I am signed up for the daily $50 Free Roll on Draft Kings.

Or better yet put a couple of bucks on a 10 team League and win some easy cash.  I’ll be there on a few leagues.  Draft Kings NBA Details

Sign Up on Draft Kings Here for Free and see how we do!

The Top 25 finishers will win a $2 Step ticket, which can be used to advance to a $2500 Step 6 final that pays the winner $1000, and you can play this for Free.

DraftKings NBA Free Roll Win

Check out This Score:

Click to enlarge the image, that’s me USALEGAL

I managed to finish 3rd out of 1243 players.  I should do that good on the weekly $1000 NFL Free Roll.

This is a proud moment for me, I admittedly know very little about NBA Fantasy other than the big names like LaBron, Wade, Kobe and all.

I watch my BULLS, but know little about other teams.

I have been playing the nightly NBA Free Roll on DraftKings since the Season started, and have come close a couple of times, usually getting knocked out of the money late.

Face it, if I can win–anyone can.

Visit Draft Kings, Sign up for Free and maybe you can win a ticket to a 6-Step Tournament and have a chance to win a $1000 like I did.

DraftKings Forms Partnership with Greg Merson

DraftKings Welcomes Greg Merson!

Greg burst onto the national poker scene by winning his first World Series of Poker bracelet this year in the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em 6-Max Event, and hasn’t looked back since. is incredibly proud to be announcing our partnership with Greg right on the cusp of his World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table appearance.

This Monday and Tuesday will culminate Greg’s extraordinary run to the Main Event Final Table, as the 9 finalists play down to a champion.  Look for the DraftKings patch on Greg’s trademark baseball jersey, check out his twitter (@Gregy20723) and website  And be sure to visit for exclusive daily fantasy games involving Greg throughout the year.

Please join the DraftKings team in congratulating Greg on his great run, and wishing him the best of luck Monday and Tuesday at the Final Table!  We’re all looking forward to a great partnership ahead.

October 31st Halloween NBA Free Roll on DraftKings

On October 31st, DraftKings is having their NBA Launch $1000 Free Roll

The top 400 Skilled Players will win Cash and Step Tournament entries!!

No Deposit is necessary, just signup to try DraftKings

Details:  Signup and Register for the Free Roll before 7PM ET on October 31st.

1st place will win $50+ Step 1 ticket,     More NBA Free Rolls on DraftKings

2nd=$40+ Step 1 ticket,

3rd wins $30 + Step 1 ticket,

4th pays $20 + Step 1 ticket,

5th to 10th pays $10 + Step 1 ticket

11th to 400th each receive a Step 1 ticket

Step 1 tickets are a $2 buy-in to Step One of a 6 step tournament, winners can progress the ladder up to Step 6 which has a $2500 Prize Pool and the winner will win $1000, all 5 players in step 6 will win Cash!

Check out all the details and scoring rules of Fantasy NBA on DraftKings Here

Maryland Residents/Players—Rejoice!!!—Fantasy Sports Online Now Legal!!!

As of October 1, 2012 everyone who had a hankering to play Fantasy Sports Online in Maryland , now has the green light to go!

This means you can sign up and play any of the great Fantasy Game Options on DraftKings, including Free Rolls, SNG’s, Tournaments all from your home computer Legally!

It’s the middle of CFB and NFL seasons, the NBA starts at the end of the Month and if the boys in the NHL can learn to live with each other (owners and players),  NHL games will start on DraftKings as soon as they get the season going.

Visit DraftKings to see what they can offer you.

DraftKings Fantasy Basketball Free Rolls

Starting October 30th,

DraftKings will have a Daily NBA Fantasy Free Roll!

These Daily Free Rolls will pay the top 25 finishers (Tournament size game) a free $2 entry to the NBA Steps Tournament Series.

The Steps tournament consists of 6 steps, with $2, $7, $25, $88, $200 and $530 buy-ins.

Steps 1 to 3 have 10 player fields, Step 4 has 6 players and Steps 5 and 6 each have only 5 players to beat.

Each step (1 to 5) pays top finishers entries to the next step (or repeat of same Step).

Step 6 pays a total of $2500 in Cash to all 5 players, with 1st place clearing a cool $1000

We plan on playing these Free Rolls daily and accumulating as many tickets as we can, then as season progresses and we start seeing some consistent trends, we’ll use our tickets to move up in steps, we plan on cashing out a few times in Step 6.

That’s our plan, what’s yours?

My buddies (they think they know everything) plan on using each ticket as they get them and play multiple steps (ticket entries and free rolls) daily as their skill takes them.

We’ll see who wins more!

DraftKings uses a 8 man starting line-up of  PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F and Util

Scoring consists of:

Point = 1 PT
Made 3pt. shot = 0.5 PTs
Rebound = 1.25 PTs
Assist = 1.5 PTs
Steal = 2 PTs
Block = 2 PTs
Turnover = -0.5 PTs
Double-Double = +1.5PTs (MAX 1 PER PLAYER)
Triple-Double = +3PTs (MAX 1 PER PLAYER)

More Details on DraftKings NBA Contests

Fantasy NBA Basketball on DraftKings

Play Daily Fantasy NBA Basketball on Draft Kings

Starting on October 30th, Draft Kings will offer the finest NBA Fantasy games available for Daily Fantasy Play.

Daily Contests will start with Free Games, $2, $5, $10, $20, $55 ,$109, $215 and $530 buy-ins.

League sizes start at 2 players and range from 3, 5, 10, 20 players and up to Tournament size (50 or more) games that offer Huge prizes to the top finishers.

Most players stick to the basic 10 team daily leagues, however tournaments can prove to be very profitable for the Expert NBA Fantasy players out there!

No deposit is necessary to try any of the free games on Draft Kings, sign up Now to see if you like it!

There will also be Step Tournaments available for you NBA Pro’s, a $2 buy-in, and you can walk the 6 step series and win yourself a cool $1000!

Step 1 The steps journey start at a $2 buy-in, with 10 players paying spots 1st to 4th–step 2, step 2, step 1 and step 1 entries. ($18 total)

Step 2 is a $7 buy-in, 10 player contest that pays 1st to 4th–step 3, step 3, step 2 and step 2 entries. ($36 total)

Step 3 is a $25 buy-in, 10 player contest that pays 1st to 4th–step 4, 4, 3 and 3 entries. ($226 total)

Step 4 is a $88 buy-in, 6 player contest that pays 1st to 3rd–step 5, 5 and 4 entries. ($488 total)

Step 5 is a $200 buy-in, 5 player contest that pays 1st to 3rd– step 6, 5 and 5 entries. ($930 total)

Step 6 is a $530 buy-in, 5 player contest that pays 1st to 5th–$1000, $600, $400, $300 and $200.

That’s right, every one in Step 6 shares a $2500 prize pool

You can join the steps at any point, just buy-in with cash and you don’t have to wait, but just imagine turning $2 into a cool $1000 in just a few days, and you don’t have to beat 100’s of players to do it—a 10 team contest is easy to finish in the top 3 or 4 and if you know anything about the players and match-ups–you’ll have the edge in the final steps that only have 5 players to compete with!

NBA Scoring and Rules on Draft Kings

In each contest, participants will be assigned a fixed salary cap of $50,000 that they can use to draft their entire 8 player roster.

The Player Pool will consist of all NBA players expected to be playing on a given game day. Any missing players will not be added to the pool once DraftKings starts offering contests for that day.

Player salaries will also not change once DraftKings starts offering contests for that week. They will however, be updated each week, as the season continues

Contest results and winners will be based on the total points scored across each entrant’s 8 player roster


Rosters will consist of 8 players and must include players from at least 2 different NBA teams, and representing at least 2 different real-life NBA games.

The 8 roster positions are: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F, and UTIL.


Players will accumulate points as follows:
Point = +1 PT
Made 3pt. shot = +0.5 PTs
Rebound = +1.25 PTs
Assist = +1.5 PTs
Steal = +2 PTs
Block = +2 PTs
Turnover = -0.5 PTs
Double-Double = +1.5PTs (MAX 1 PER PLAYER: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals)
Triple-Double = +3PTs (MAX 1 PER PLAYER: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals)

Draft Kings NBA Roster Selection and Top Player Values Week One

Visit Draft Kings and Sign Up to Play Today


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